For more than 100 years MIT Technology Review has served as the world’s longest-running technology magazine, the standard bearer of news and insights on how the latest technologies affect the world around us. Read by a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and executives at the highest level, it offers an unrivaled authority that is backed by the world’s foremost technology institution (MIT) and features editors with a deep technical knowledge and understanding of technological advances.

MIT Technology Review Insights is the content solutions division of MIT Technology Review. It includes two main divisions: Research and Live Events. Aligned with the same stellar editorial heritage and standards as the magazine itself, we leverage our access to a wide network of subject matter experts and leading content contributors to create custom content for clients who want to reach new audiences with relevant, cogent and high-quality stories and experiences to users wherever they want it — in digital, print, online, and via unique in-person experiences.

Mit-insights.my is a content hub produced by MIT Technology Review Insights in partnership with TM ONE. Launched in June 2018, it offers a selection of existing content and original material with a focus on global technology trends, Asia and Southeast Asia.

About the sponsor

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