Live AI poll: Key stats

February 24, 2019
The latest charts from our survey on how businesses perceive AI.

MIT Technology Review Insights is conducting an anonymous survey on AI. The results will contribute to the production of a series of articles throughout 2019. Respondents are senior-level executives working at midsize-to-large organizations around the world and representing most industries. Approximately 46% of respondents are based in the US, 28% in Europe, and 18% in the Asia-Pacific region. Here is a collection of the main findings.

Which statement best describes your company’s strategy for the deployment of AI?

We have not yet determined whether AI could have value
AI will not have value for our company
AI will have value but we have not yet adopted AI
We are investing on a case-by-case basis
AI will be transformative; we have a centralized roll out plan
We have incorporated AI in our operations
NOTES: % of respondents.

If you are using AI, in what area is your company using it the most?

Customer service
Supply chain
Sales and marketing
Product or service development
We are not using AI
NOTES: % of respondents.

If you are using AI, what are the main challenges as your company deploys it? (top 3)

Regulatory/data protection laws
Labor union or workforce issues
Shortage of internal talent for AI
Slow decision-making at the executive level
Insufficient quality of data
High level of investment required
Internal resistance to change
Difficulty in making the business case
NOTES: % of respondents.

How confident are you in discussing AI and its potential applications to key stakeholders (i.e. board members, investors) in your organization?

Extremely confident
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not confident
NOTES: % of respondents.

To what degree will your own role be affected by AI within the next 3-5 years?

My role will not be affected
My role will change mildly
My role will change significantly
My role will be eliminated
NOTES: % of respondents.

Who should regulate AI?

International bodies
Companies should self-govern
NOTES: % of respondents.

(Results updated on March 7th, 2019.)